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Find below some Frequently asked questions. If you need more information or your enquiry still stands, please contact info@decor-furniture.com

Where are you located?

Our office and warehouse is located in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, BT71 4ND.

Full details can be found: www.decor-furniture.com/about-us/

How do I contact sales?

Our Sales team can be contacted on +44 (028) 3844 6000. To email a member of our sales team, check out our ‘MEET THE TEAM’ Section to contact your sales rep – www.decor-furniture.com/about-us/

How do I contact customer service?

To report a claim via email, please email customerservices@decor-furniture.com, alternatively you can call our office on +44 (028) 3844 6000.

Further information can be found here – www.decor-furniture.com/customer-services/customer-services/

What information do I need to report a claim to customer service?

To help our customer service team with your claim, please provide images of the claim as well as invoice date and/or number. It is very important to hold onto the original packaging of the product.

What is the return policy?

Decor Furniture return policy can be found here -  www.decor-furniture.com/customer-services/returns-policy/

How do I get access to website?

Prior to Website access you must have a Trade Account with us.

To register for trade access, fill out the short form using this link - www.decor-furniture.com/enquiry/

Do you sell to the general public?

We are a Trade only Wholesaler who sell to Furniture stores across Ireland.

Email info@decor-furniture.com to find your local stockists.

Can you provide High Quality photos of your ranges and products?

Yes, of course – please contact Natalie in Marketing and E-Commerce on natalie@decor-furniture.com.

Do you have a minimum order for delivery?

Our current minimum value to qualify for our free weekly delivery service is £500.

Where can I keep up-to-date on News and Events?

We have a section on our website to keep all our customers up to date on Events happening, www.decor-furniture.com/news-events/

Alternatively, you can join our mailing list to keep up to date with events, news, product launches, new in ranges and much more  www.decor-furniture.com/mailing-list

You can follow us on Social Media Platforms too - we have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, all of which are linked at the bottom of our website.

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